At iShine, we comprehend the importance of your privacy for you, and to additionally stress on that significance, we have put together a list of certain parameters, we would like you to get familiar with,before proceeding with any of your purchases.

Note, the internet is a continuously changing platform,which makes iShine subject to incessant alteration as well. Any modification made to the privacy policy will be updated on the privacy policy page, and will also be attached to the home page to serve as a prior notice.

Amendments to Policy:

Although the modifications we make to the privacy policy or terms and conditions of iShine are limited, the platform is still subject to change noticing the continuously fluctuating internet real. If there are any changes made to the policy, we will make sire to update it on the page,as well as the homepage.

On behalf of our management, we would request you to keep a check on the Privacy Policy page to avoid any mishaps. On top of that,if you have an account with on iShine, we will make sure to notify you through e-mail, about any changes made.

Collection of Information:

In order to make sure that you walk a comfortable journey with us, we find it best to develop a healthy relationship with each of our clients. As soon as you have chosen your favourite product, you will proceed to the final checkout where we will ask for some of your personal details such as your name, your phone number, your e-mail address, your postal address and your bank account details.

We collect this information in order to make sure that the order is delivered to the right buyer. On top of that, once you sign-upwith us, we might even ask for further information such as your Date-Of-Birth and your likes or dislikes – to offer you the products best suited for you.

Use of Personal Information:

The personal information that we collect from you might be used by our professionals for several legal procedures and purposes.We might use this information in order to sign you up for our Newsletter, make your account, register your account over our platform, send you notifications about certain deals and offers or events and to respond to a survey or marketing communication.

We basically use the information you provide us within order to deliver your purchased product to your doorstep, or to recognize your like and dislikes and design our target advertising campaigns accordingly.

Security of Personal Information:

The physical and electronic safeguards we have are being managed by some of the best professionals in London. They make sure to abide by all the laws set-up by the Government of United Kingdom. This is basically done in order to make sure that your personal information is not misused or leaked by any personal or machine associated with iShine –regardless that it is our employees or any third-party agents.

Use of Cookies:

A cookie is basically a small digital file, which asks for your prior permission before it is downloaded on your computer system. One you have agreed to install this cookie on your computer system, it shows you a full sketch or map of all the websites and platforms you have visited.

Downloading a cookie is basically a way to help the users in record-keeping. This means that they can always keep a check and track of all the websites they have visited, and land on that platform whenever and wherever they want. For iShine, it is basically a technique used to get a full explanation of our client’s likes and dislikes and improving our target advertising campaigns accordingly. You have the option to block cookies from the browser tab, however, it may cost you some services from our side.

Child Protection:

We make sure that the access is restricted to a certain age limit in order to ensure that your personal information is not shared over our platform without the permission of guardians. At iShine, we make all possible efforts to make sure that your children are kept safe and their personal information is encrypted and secured at all times.

Get In Touch With Us:

If you have any queries concerning our services, procedures or product, get in touch with us through the ‘Contact Us’ page via: Here!